Some things are done now:

Most of these projects can be used as normal libraries and are not specific to the XMPP server implementation. Especially Yaaf.AdvancedBuilding helps me to keep my build scripts clean on all these (and more) projects. The next step is to implement server dialback and replace the current prosody server on After this I need to look into adding clients and notifications.

While releasing Yaaf.Xmpp as open-source I fixed various bugs and added new features to open source tools to make everything work flawlessly:

As a result F# Formatting does now support C# (currently with some minor limitations / bugs).

Additionally I started to maintain RazorEngine, which apparently almost died a slow death. The main reason I decided to maintain it was that the awesome F# Formatting decided to switch away to another template library when Razor seemed to be a perfect fit (I used and modified some templates already). Additionally if you look around there is no better Razor library available than RazorEngine. Now that is even more true as I have added

Once roslyn is released RazorEngine will get an huge performance boost for first time compilations.

Finally, while cleanup up my project folder, I found an old project named IrcDotNet For which I had some open bugfixes used for an older project. So I decided to use the project to test the new F# Formatting changes and build a documentation for it. Because I was already on the build script and used a ProjectScaffold template adding AppVeyor and travis were basically free so I added them as well. At this occasion I contributed my outstanding patches and the author switched to github :).